Friday, 15 Feb - Saturday, 16 Feb 2019
Mt Penang Gardens, 16 The Avenue, Kariong, Sydney
7 tickets on sale

Camp with Car - Vehicle Pass

Saturday GA

GA Camping Ticket

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Rhys Wicks
Rhys Wicks
One Friday & Saturday GA ticket for $185
7 hours ago
Rhys Wicks
Rhys Wicks
One Friday & Saturday GA ticket for $185
2 days ago
Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence
One Friday & Saturday GA ticket for $160
3 days ago


Is buying tickets on Tixel safe?

Yes, Tixel does everything to ensure a safe transaction. To keep it safe we check uploaded e-tickets and sellers in multiple ways.

When will I receive the tickets?

Organisers of this event require all sellers to go through a ticket transfer procedure. You will receive your newly generated ticket after seller completes the procedure.

We will keep our eye on this process and we won't release the payment to the seller until it's done.

Can I contact the seller?

No, unfortunately not. We want to keep everything as simple as possible. Sellers are able to sell tickets hassle-free with the matter of clicks. However, we always have the contact information, just in case of an emergency.

Does this event require an official ticket transfer?

Yes, organisers of this event require sellers to go through a ticket transfer procedure. While it's a seller's responsibility, we will do as much as we can to help you get your ticket in a timely manner. We won't release payment to the seller until you get a ticket in your name.

Can I just transfer a name?

Per the event organiser settings and due to people previously being ripped off or scammed, there is no way to just transfer a name. Any unregulated bank transfers that occur externally to the official resale channel are not encouraged as this is where fans can be ripped off.

In a measure to protect fans, Tixel provides a facility where you can buy or sell tickets and they will be reissued with the new buyers name upon purchase.

If you have arranged to sell your ticket privately to a friend, you can list your ticket for sale and before the final confirmation (in step 4), select the 'private listing' option. You can then send the unique link to the private listing to your buyer.

Tixel uses modern anti-fraud
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