About Tixel (formerly VibeWire)

Who are we?

Gigs are hard to describe, aren’t they? Each one so unique in what it offers. From spine-tingling vocals to sweat covered mosh pits, there’s nothing quite like the experience of live music.

Nothing kills the vibe of a live gig more than missing out on tickets to your favourite artist, only to watch them be resold at 3 times the price a few weeks later. Or getting turned away at the door because you bought a fake ticket. It’s heartbreaking for music fans everywhere, but we are here to restore the vibe. Time for a happy dance. If you would like to get in touch, have some feedback or want to work with us, hit us up at support@tixel.io.

Let’s boogie.

Introductory video

Platform support

We continuously add support for more ticketing platforms. At the moment Tixel can recognise all major ticket vendors popular in Australia and New Zealand:

Tixel supports Eventbrite tickets
Tixel supports Ticketmaster tickets
Tixel supports Moshtix tickets
Tixel supports OzTix tickets
Tixel supports Ticketek tickets
Tixel supports Ticketbooth tickets
Tixel supports Resident Advisor tickets
Tixel supports Front Gate tickets

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Zac Leigh
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Jason Webb
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